Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a poem by justme, reflecting on the stony mermaid

On the waters edge she lies, exposed and free.
At Kavourotripes she lay down beside the frothy sea.
Dimpled bumps and dips mark her naked stony flesh.
Hand stretched forth her back deflects the land of man
Every now and then she awakes...when no human eye beholds
to the caress of the pampering, delicate, drizzling, drops of sea gold.
The spell of time has cast that she must wait, she must wait to be free.
She longs to return to her watery kingdom, her home, her keep..
For now sweet human child , quiet now,
Please, let the lady sleep.


  1. Justme and Yvonne what a wonderful weaving of mediums. The watercolor is arresting and beatuifully haunting and your poem Justme, is lullingly fluid and marvelously serene.