Monday, October 26, 2009

So below, so above...

A small boy went to his father and asked if they could play.
His father didn't have time and didn't felt like playing with his son.
So he considered how to keep his son busy.

He found a complex illustration of the earth in a magazine.
He pulled it out and cut it into lots of little peaces.
He handed the pieces to his son and thought he would be occupied for a long time with this challenging jigsaw puzzle.

The boy went to his room and returned after a few minutes with the correctly recomposed picture.

His father couldn't believe it and asked his son, how he made it so fast.

The boy answered:
"Well, on the backside of the earth picture there was an image of a human being.
I recomposed it -
and as soon as this human being was OK the whole world was OK."

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