Friday, September 3, 2010

The Parting - a poem by justme - Homage to Aisling and Olli

Like a little boat on a vast ocean
bumping and thrashing wave upon wave knowing not where she goes.
Not able to stop, or steer or slow.
She rides the waves of life,first she ascends so high and then rockets to the hardened low.
Again and again and again , thumping, churning the dark dense cold.
She asked not for this journey.
She wished only to stay on land.
Her sons they cling to the sides looking for mother to take them home.
Fathers gone they must stay the course, of waves, of life,of death.
They must stay the course until one day the waves fall lighter and eventually sit still.
For now not even love can break the power of the waves.
For love is lost.
The light for now is gone.
The sun may shine but never will it warm.
Take my hand dear woman that I might lead you upon the shore.
For your home awaits you though your heart so forlorn.
I am the constant and the brave.
Place your head upon my chest.
Hush now woman of the universe,
dry your childrens tears
be still my child and just you rest.
Close your eyes and let us move with the waves,
surrender to the moment,the movement, this life
For you are a brave and perfect mother, lover, wife.

Water color, water color pencils and white Gouache on paper
54 x 60 cm


  1. Fantastic, the picture is the greater beauty.Justme

  2. I am insprired in my deepest heart by the poem and divinity of the painting ... Beautiful!!

  3. Oi, oi, oi, thank you all for your lovely words.
    To paint that picture with the poem in heartmind helped me a lot to say goodbye to the form of my friend Olli.

  4. Thank you.
    Yesterday, Sept 5th, in the afternoon my mother died after two days riding the waves.
    An aorta aneurism had opened in her chest. It was not to close.

    After all, she arrived at safe shores..

    Now it is so quiet.



  5. Thanks for telling Laurion.
    Lots of peace to you!