Thursday, September 30, 2010

Natural desaster

Thinking the level of joy I am feeling
indicates the level of awareness,
I am trapped in a natural desaster.

Holding up a one-way mirror

indicates MY OWN hidingplace
I am likewise trapped in projection.

Sometimes a story told from the heart

indicates more consciousness
than intentionally no words from the mind.


  1. ...only the heart can hear a story...
    hugs move out from withIn

  2. Oh, YES!
    Those traps are well known and very special.
    Especially the first is a sign for misundertanding on the spiritual path...and most everyone deals with it for a certain period of long as one thinks "I can DO everything, I can be everything I WANT", and the world can be manipulated through wishing and DOING instead of listening to what wants to come into form and support that.