Saturday, January 16, 2010

A poem by Kev

Duality is within
I say " All is one"
But I root for the zebra to escape the lion
I say "to give is to recieve"
But i make sure i get my fare share of the pie
I say "words are meaningless"
But write an incredibley long post to describe this
I say there is no such thing as time
But I wear a it time to pick up the kids?
I say "only the golden shimering source is real"
in this i foresake the dirt beneath my feet
I say "All is well"
Then get mad at the crazyness in the news
and wish for a better world
I say "I am in the now"
but think and think and think about being in the now
I say "I have lost my ego"
and then act as if i am special for doing so
I say "I have Awakened"
But talk so much spiritual mumbo jumbo
that I forget to see I am lost in this new Identity
I say "I am that"
But run from the place the "I am" inhabits
and hide in a spiritual fantasy.
I say "I am consciousness it's self"
but forget to be conscious of my habits and conditionings
I say "I have reached my inner bliss"
But it can wait until tuesday because mondays are too depressing
Duality is within

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