Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We are developing a Renga poem, HA!

Today is lovely
Here with my children and friends
Together right here

my teacher sits under a tree
should I say whats on my mind

or rather be still
and listen to the wind to
understand what is

I notice that I am here
that I am part of what is

Under a blanket
warmed by the dryer keeping
me cozy tonight

Blanket of light, inner sky
Beating heart, an inner Sun

The sun of my heart.
The warming of my Spirit
My Spirit, my soul

All will unfold when I see
That all comes together Now.

To the same old thing
The now leads all of the time -
A new beginning

Feeling all day the now of
Light Tennessee snow falling

Such soft small snowflakes
Falling from a silent sky
They caress my face

Like the kiss of a mother
on her newborn's darling cheek

Chubby kids faces
All so glowing like their eyes
Igniting the spark

A certain light shines within
Illuminating the forms

Sunrise and sunset
Birth and death, not what they seem
All blend together

A never-ending cycle
For all to understand Now.

Eating strawberry jam
on toasted corn bread muffins
such satisfaction

Sparrow on my balcony
Looking for yesterday's crumbs

Being aware that
ethereal language of
presence is preferred

The time being, look at it
It's good just now,on this place

Now is always here
Like a faithful, loyal friend
Showing us the Truth

Having a belly ache sucks
Accepting that it is, rocks

Accept that I am
I do is temporary
I am is always

Heartbeating happens to you
breathe with your heart to be free


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