Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You = I = Life

You only *think* you are the dancer
because you are able to move

You only be(lie)ve you are the author
because you are able to think

Let the dancer and the dance become one -
beauty IN motion

Let the author and the story become one -
creativity IN action

No question remains

Life is the dancer
you are the dance

Life writes the story
You are the stage

Allow Life to see its creation
through your eyes

IT serves the answer


  1. I am enjoying this post. At first glance I saw the title as You + I = Life. I heard the suggestion recently that life only takes place when two collide and the intensity rises as two seek the one in common. I like how this gives value to form, the body, creativity, and energetic expressions of dimension.

  2. Thank you very much Benjamin, I am enjoying your poems too. I am reading your Coffee Strains these days and there really are some pearls in it. Although I have to admit sometimes as a non-native Englishspeaker, I have slight problems :-)

  3. I'm so glad you enjoy my poems. Incidentally, much of Coffee Stains is published on another site online. I divided it up by niche. Love Poems are here: Short Love Poems - Original Sweet Romantic, and Short Poems on various subjects are here: Short Poems about Life - Deep Funny Cool. In addition, I have put Social Political Poems here: Social Poems, Political Poems - Humor Commentary. If you have any pressing questions regarding the "slight problems" due to English being a second language, feel free to ask. Again, glad you are enjoying them.